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My name is Jane

Developer | Designer | Problem-Solver



About Me

  • I'm from Seattle, Washington. Before that, Denver, Colorado and before that, San Jose, California.
  • My interests are in Technology, Design, and Media.
  • I like good coffee, city walking, and all kinds of fruit.
  • I'm a simple person that finds entertainment in memes.
  • My favorite shows are Rick and Morty and The Office.


I am a junior at Dartmouth College. I am majoring in Computer Science modified with Human-Centered Design.

I like coding but I wanted it to cross paths with problem-solving design.


I did competitive long track speed skating for 8 years.

highlights of my career:

  • 2013 National Champion
  • 2014 Sochi Winter U.S. Olympic Trials
  • Junior National Team Member

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